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Ceilidh Can

Ceilidh Can

Ceilidh Can is the prefect choice if you are planning a ceilidh. This band with their charismatic dance caller, will help your guests to get together and laugh as they learn the simple dance routines. The incredible variety of beautiful melodies in traditional music make wonderful listening. Members of the band are professional musicians from classical, folk and rock backgrounds, and play a driving rendition of Celtic music from the British Isles, France and Eastern Europe. They play for dances and ceilidhs and know it is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. The band is available in different sizes, with or without a caller. Ceili, Ceilidh, Barndance, call it what you like, this band can meet your requirements and give you a night to remember. To hear a demo of this band, please click the player below. Please get in touch for a quote.

Sample Repertoire


Logan's Waltz 


McCarthy's Mazurka 

Bear Dance 

Bear Dance - Ceildh Can
Logan's Waltz - Ceildh Can
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